Breydon Paxson - 5x Collegiate National Champion, ATA Grand Slam, 2021 ATA All-American Junior Team captain, 3x ATA All-American - “PT Ammo provides consistent, hard-hitting shot that proves to hold strong in all weather conditions. I was extremely impressed with the crushing ability and light recoil with these shells

Sophie Nostrom - 3x Lady All American, Arizona Lady State Team Captain 2023 First woman to win AZ HOA Resident - “PT Ammo brings solid breaks, reliability, and light recoil that we have all been looking for! I was highly impressed, and extremely excited with my results, as well as the proficiency that I got with these shells!

Jesse Tedrick

1 1/8 oz – 1145 FPS 8 shot PT Ammo “Red Box.”

·      US Open - I shot 2 – 99’s on Singles and stayed in the mid to upper 90’s doubles trap.

·      Illinois State Shoot – I shot 3 – 100 straights and 1 – 100 straight on doubles trap.

·      Great Pattern, Extremely Hard Breaks, smokes clay targets really well

·      Seems to pattern better with tighter chokes.

·      Boxes of shells that I have given away at the last two shoots everyone likes the pattern effectiveness, but the feedback was perceived recoil is greater than Winchester AA and Remington STS 1145

·      I personally love these shells and have a great amount of confidence in their reliability.


1 oz – 1200 FPS 7.5 & 8 Shot PT Ammo “White Box”

  • US Open – Did Not Have Shells at this shoot
  • Illinois State Shoot – Used 1 oz of 8’s for the first shot of doubles and 1 1/8 – 1145 for the second shot – Ran two 98’s  with this combo on doubles, Ran a 1 – 99 on singles with the 7.5 shot 1 oz and I gave the rest away for people to try. I didn’t receive the rest of the shells until Friday so wasn’t able to try very much.
  • The 7.5 and 8’s pattern very good, perceived recoil is perfect, and the 7.5 smokes clay pigeons extremely well
  • These patterned really well with all choke selections
  • Everyone that I had given boxes of shells really liked these shells for singles and wanted more lol
  • This a great shell


7/8’s oz – 1360 FPS 7.5 Shot PT Ammo White

  • Was unable to use this for ATA registered shoot due to FPS limit of 1350 in 7/8 load configuration.
  • I was able to test at home this morning and the perceived recoil is awesome, pattered extremely well at 40 yards
  • I will used at a registered sporting clays shoot this weekend and I can provide more feedback if you would like


Overall I extremely pleased with your product