#0 Buckshot Classic K, 12 gauge, FLIGHT CONTROL, 1 oz, 2.75", 5 rounds


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1 unit

The Classic K #0 Buckshot load is one of the highest quality loads available on the market. The effective range for this load is 33 - 71 yards. The complex, flight control wad adds significant range to this load. Its reliability and craftsmanship is unmatched around the world. Perfect for those who use buckshot for target practice, hunting, or home defense. 

Takho is a Ukrainian manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality ammunition. They specialize in designing and manufacturing their own slugs and source components from Cheddite and Nobel Sport. 

Gauge: 12 

Length: 2.75"

Weight: 1 oz

Shot: #0 Buck

Rounds Per Box: 5

If you live in the following states:

Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, or California; please email a picture, screenshot, or pdf of your permit/FFL (NY and CA) (or any documentation that gives permission to purchase ammunition) and government issued ID to info@prinztech.com. Thank you!

PT Ammo is an American-owned family business based in Connecticut. We focus mostly on shotgun ammunition including 12 gauge, 20 gauge, mini shells, specialty loads, birdshot, slugs, buckshot, and much more. Don't get caught without shells next time you are out hunting, at the range, or in a home defense situation. 

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