PT Ammo - 2 CASES - 12 GA - 24g (7/8oz) - #8/#7.5 - 1360 FPS - 2.75"

PT Ammo

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Meet our PT 7/8oz sporting load. It is made specifically for Bunker Trap, however it makes a great sporting clays and skeet load. It can be used for practice in American trap and is light on recoil. 

PT Ammo is manufactured using Cheddite primed hulls and Nobel Sport powder. We go to great lengths to ensure consistent results with this shell. This load is light recoil and great for trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Use it in practice and competition.

Gauge: 12 

Length: 2 3/4"

Weight: 24g (7/8oz)

Shot: #7.5/#8

Velocity: 1360 FPS

Rounds Per Box: 25

Rounds Per Case: 250

Comes in 2 cases

PT Ammo is a new brand of shotshells manufactured in the EU. We source our components from Cheddite and Nobel Sport and manufacture to C.I.P. and ISO international standards. 

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