PT Ammo 20 Gauge #8, 1200 FPS, Flat of 250 rds

PT Ammo

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1 unit

PT Ammo 20 Gauge Target Ammunition

- Gauge: 20
- Shell Length: 2.75 inches
- Load: 15/16 oz.
- Velocity: 1200 fps
- Pack Size: 25 rounds per box

Precision. Performance. Perfection.

Experience superior shooting with PT Ammo’s 20 Gauge Target Ammunition. Perfect for the range or clay shooting competitions, our ammo offers unmatched accuracy and consistency.

Key features include optimal velocity and energy transfer, ensuring precise target engagement with minimal recoil. Rigorous quality control guarantees uniformity in weight, size, and powder load, resulting in consistent performance and tight shot patterns. Our clean-burning powder reduces residue, keeping your firearm cleaner for longer periods.

Crafted with high-quality hulls and non-corrosive primers, our ammunition ensures reliable cycling and ignition in all weather conditions. 

Choose PT Ammo’s 20 Gauge Target Ammunition for exceptional performance and reliability. Aim for excellence.




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